George, the crew and I have had many adventures together since making Walk Tall. You can read about a few below and also on Facebook.

The FB page also includes tales from the cutting room floor, further conversations with George and also stories that friends and colleagues of George have since contributed.

The Lingo Show
June 2013


I created all the character designs and lots of other stuff for The Lingo show,
series two of which starts Monday 20th May.

This season there will be a new addition to the cast - German bug, Lieb.
I made her a gymnast - loosely basing the character on George's coach, Helmut Bantz

If you'd like to brush up on your pre-school German - you can watch
"A Lieb of Faith"

More about my role as character designer here

Official Selection!

Walk Tall screens on Friday 7th June, Summerhall, Edinburgh.
Many thanks to all at ESFF!

More info here

Ich Bin

Walk Tall is one of only thirteen shorts selected to represent The London Short Film Festival at this years prestigious Filmkunstfest!

The LSFF screened over 300 top-notch shorts this year - and Filmkunstfest
is a major German Film festival - so thank you, thank you thank you Philip Ilson (LSFF) and Oliver Hübner (FKF)!

Jaws Music

At some point soon I will stop going on and on and on and on about Walk Tall.

But before I do I just want to say another big massive thank you to Film London and The Eastern Edge Film Fund - without whom I would have never been able to make the film.

It makes me very proud to see a still from my short used to promote the very fund that funded it.

NY Short Film Festival


Walk Tall is the prestigious New York International Film Festival's "Short of the Week"!

(Unfortunately I can't actually afford to enter the festival - but as we were selected for the LA Shorts Fest we were eligible for "Film of the Week").

Fargo Film Festival

Many thanks to the Fargo Film Festival jury for voting Walk Tall "Best Documentary Short"...

...And for featuring George on the poster!

I'm really proud that George has inspired a fellow designer. I'll definitely be printing it out and posting it to him. Thank you! (Especially for the torch-motif!)

Liverpool Lift-Off

Walk Tall screened at the incredibly cool Liverpool Lift Off.

The festival shares and George share a similar ethos, so I'm really chuffed about this one - as is George.

Many thanks to the Lift Off Festival for supporting our film and for the Best Brit Doc Jury Prize at London Lift Off 2012!


We have been offered a distribution deal with IndieFlix.

Thank you IndieFlix.

More details coming soon.

The Frontline Club

The Walk Tall screening and Q&A at  The Frontline Club went rather well!
A real honour to receive praise from such incredibly talented documentary filmmakers.
Many thanks for making a first-timer feel so welcome!

A second Doc Heads Special!

Walk Tall was selected to screen at a London Film School Doc Heads Special.
More details to follow. Very proud about this one!

10th London Short Film Festival

Walk tall screened to a full house at the prestigious The London Short Film Festival
More details coming soon.

Doc Heads Christmas Special

Really chuffed that WALK TALL was a bit of a hit at this! Many, many thanks to everyone who said such lovely things about the film. What a nice end to our 2012 festival run!


Ex ginnasta Olimpico!

I'm INCREDIBLY proud to be able to announce that Walk Tall is one of four films selected to represent Leeds International Film Festival at Magma !

London Lift Off:
Winner - Best Documentary!

y chuffed about this one!

The award entitles us to official selections at
Liverpool, Los Angeles and Las Vagas Lift-Off Film Festivals.

I know it's not the winning that counts...but it is quite nice to end our 2012 (competition) screenings on a high. Thank you London Lift Off!

"Awards will be given to highest standards in drama, acting, story structure and artistic merit. A large budget and glossy production value means nothing to us at Lift-Off -- all we care about is great delivery of an honest story."

And the winners are...
The hair bear bunch.
 Here's me and the very talented and lovely Gian Maria Manvati
- director of the brilliant "L'Aeroplano Di Carta".

St Louis International Film Festival

Walk Tall is screening on the closing night of the prestigious St Louis International Film Festival

This is the last of the screenings in Walk Tall's 2012 US festival-run and we're very proud that this monumental event taking place in the home of
The Gateway Arch - America's tallest monument!


Leeds International Film Festival

Walk Tall is competing for Best British Short at the Academy accredited Leeds International Film Festival!

More information here here.

Many thanks ti everyone at the festival for being so welcoming and thank you so much for our guided tour of the Hyde Park Picture House!


Many thanks to Rushes Soho Shorts for taking Walk Tall along to Ciclope !

(Walk Tall came a very close second in the Best Documentary Category at the prestigious Soho Shorts Film Festival )

We've won some feedback from Danny Boyle!

(George - about 85 years old)

Thank you to everyone on Shooting People for propelling us up that leader-board.

We came second in the top three films, winning us feedback from Danny Boyle.
Danny will also decide the overall winner.

(This page was updated October 2012: Results yet to be announced)

Winner - Best Non-Fiction!

Many, many thanks to the Jury.

You can find out more about the Guernsey Film Festival

You can also watch a clip of Walk Tall in the
festival's trailer

Tulsa United

Above: The Circle Cinema, Tulsa.

Walk Tall's back again in a double bill with GLOW The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - this time in Tulsa!
We've been selected for all five previous 2012 United Film Festival events, which has meant screenings (in beautiful vintage cinemas!) in Los Angeles, New York, London, San Francisco and Chicago.

Now we're especially honored to be teamed up with GLOW in Tulsa as this is Jason Connell's home town.

I've just heard that we've won the Audience Award! Thank you Tulsa!

Directors Notes

May 2013

Walk Tall has been selected to feature on the prestigious and really very cool "Directors Notes" site.

(But that said - it is of course best viewed on the big screen so please do still buy lots of FilmKunstFest tix)


When I first set out to make a film about George Weedon it was immediately obvious to me that this chap was larger than life - and certainly larger than any 10.38 min short doc.

Whilst editing I took some comfort in the knowledge that anything that had to end up on the cutting room floor (for structural reasons) could be picked up again and put on Facebook.

As the year progressed George, myself and the film had many Olympic-themed adventures which it seemed people enjoyed hearing about too.

Not only that but people got in touch to share their own personal stories of George - and so the Facebook page became a place where people could discover and share more about him.

 And so after the film was finished the narrative continued there. Which I though was a very lovely thing.

So he was happy and so was I and that could've been the end of the story - but it wasn't - and instead the film's off screen narrative had quite a dramatic third act when in July 2012 I realised that George was was no longer nominated to carry the torch.

He was really very upset and so was I. This was to be my gift to him for helping me make my first film (and all the posture improving that happened as a result.)

So I did something that "the old me" wouldn't have ever done - I started campaigning. It sounds corny I know but I thought I can't make a film about George and his "challenge yourself" philosophy and then go and chicken out of this one.


And then another lovely thing happened.

On the morning of his 91st birthday the powers that be told George that he would be carrying the Olympic flame after all.

Not only that but he then went on to meet the Queen and Seb and get tix for the men's gymnastics finals and have his photo projected on the Houses of Parliament and appear in LOCOGS official commemorative book and spread his posture advice far further than he had ever hoped for and so all in all meant his experience of London 2012 was very positive one.

Thank you Facebookers!

Anyway - I'll shut up now and give you a link to the page.


Ps. I don't add much to it these days as really 2012 was it's festival run and I really need to move on and make my second film. However, I'm still in touch with George.  I keep him updated on the film's progress and whether we win competitions or not I always thank him for being such a great coach, which of course he is.

Photo by Ellen. More pictures of George on the HOP here.

Torch-bearing Pics here

Magpie Cinema

Walk Tall is being screened at The Magpie Cinema as part of a Cannes In A Van Screen Social Special (We were nominated for Best Doc and Best Director, Cannes in A Van 2012)
Many thanks Cannes in A Van!


Somehow I managed to forget to post that our film was screened in Chicago.
Many thanks to The United film Festival.
What a beautiful cinema too. Really wish I could've jetted over.

Guernsey International Film Festival...continued.

Our Prize arrived today! Many thanks again to all at The Guernsey International Film Festival.

It goes very nicely with our personalised Loch Ness Film Festival mugs by Claire Manwani

Heartland Film Festival

When I made Walk Tall, many of the decisions I made were geared around trying to make an audience care about George.

I'm extremely proud to be able to announce that Walk Tall is being screened at
the Heartland Film Festival.

George is also very chuffed about this one - as Indianapolis
is the amateur sports capital of the world!

Some more of me rabbiting on about this and more here.

University of the Third Age

Walk Tall was screened at Thornbury U3A.


The University of the Third Age is an international organisation whose aims are the education and stimulation of retired members of the community - those in the third 'age' of life. It is commonly referred to as U3A.

George was really chuffed about this screening.

The Wireless!

George and I were interviewed for Age UK's Wireless show.
One of us comes across really well...


This was a nice find - a Pilates expert approves of George's teachings!

The Zeus of Olympic-themed birthday cakes!

This was a great day out.

It was George's birthday a couple of days earlier. He'd turned 92 and been told that morning that he was going to be a torchbearer!

I designed a cake with one of the mum's (she actually made it - I just had sat there having a few ideas!)

Anyway, after a pretty intense (!) gym lesson with George whole assembly hall full of exhausted primary school children just about had enough puff left to sing to him as he blew out the "Olympic candle".

Here's an article about the day in the local newspaper

PS. Thanks again to @Debsalini  - who made cake! x x x

Cannes in a Van

Walk Tall was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Director at Cannes in a Van

Sadly we didn't win a "Van d'Or", but I did get to have a lovely chat with the presenter, Barry Norman. And why not.

The film then was subsequently shown at Screen Social , where it was a bit of a massive hit with the audience!

Over 1200 films were submitted for consideration.

199 films were shortlisted for the competition screenings.

I'm extremely proud to announce that Walk Tall has been nominated for the documentary prize.

Thank you Rushes.
More about the awards

Congratulations George!

"Thank you very much for all your support and time and effort.
I'm very excited and proud that I'm carrying the torch. Thank you."

George Weedon

Many, many thanks everyone that wrote letters, liked Facebook links and tirelessly tweeted on George's behalf.
Thank you also to Ashling O'Connor for such a wonderful article and to LOCOG for listening.

Locog relent as 1948 veteran gets to carry the Torch

After The Times revealed that George Weedon had been snubbed for the Relay, the organisers worked out a way for the 91-year-old to be involved
The Times loves a happy ending.

So it is with great pleasure that I can tell you that George Weedon, the 1948 Olympian rejected for a place on the Olympic Torch Relay as revealed in these pages last month, will carry the flame tomorrow in Reading.

Not only that but the 91-year-old, who competed for Great Britain in gymnastics and was the first man to perform in shorts, will today also meet the Queen at Windsor Castle as the Flame passes through its gates, past St George's Chapel and into the quadrangle.

It is a moment to applaud the good sense - better late than never - of the London Olympic Organising Committee (Locog) after its inscrutable torchbearer selection process initially rejected Weedon's nomination despite his obvious contribution to the Games.

His story encapsulates the Olympic spirit. As a boy growing up in Richmond, London, he could not afford the bus fare to the gym so he fashioned his own in his back garden using curtain rails and piles of bricks.

He practised handstands on plant pots and gates, climbed trees and honed his competitive instinct by entering talent contests. It was in one of these shows that he slipped during a series of back flips on the stage and fell on to a grand piano, fracturing a vertebra.

Despite also subsequently contracting tuberculosis and having a kidney removed, he battled on to qualify for the 1948 Games in London, where he finished 28th.

Weedon was also a pioneer of his sport, shocking the judges by taking off the trousers traditionally worn by men to reveal shorts at the same national competition in 1946 where he also performed the splits. It was previously considered a female manoeuvre but is now a mandatory part of the floor routine for both sexes.

His rejection by Locog and Lloyds, the sponsor to whom he was nominated, was perplexing not least to Kate Sullivan, a film maker who had made a documentary about him.

While Weedon was too modest to make a fuss, she complained loudly on his behalf.

In the end, following a story in The Times, Locog listened. It has worked with the British Olympic Association to find him a slot on the Torch Relay that should have been his to start with.

If Jedward, Will i am and Ian Bishop, X Factor losers, a singer-turned-reality-show-judge and a comedian respectively, are "deserving" enough to run with the Torch - an honour that shouldn't be devalued by mere celebrity if your sales pitch is that the Flame is for "ordinary people" - then Weedon and all of the 1948 Olympians should have been top of the list.

I hope he enjoys his day.

Hear hear! Never thought I'd say that but George got the torch so I heart The Times.

Our Campaign





Good enough for publicity. Not good enough for The Games



Footballers, TV presenters, comedians and X Factor losers have enjoyed the glory of carrying the Olympic Torch around Britain, but organisers could find no place for a 1948 Olympian who taught himself to be a world-class gymnast in his own back garden.

George Weedon, now 91, helped raise the Olympic flag over City Hall with Boris and Lord Coe, yet he has been turned down as a torch bearer.

Still fighting fit and an inspiration to others, we think George should carry the torch and we're hoping there's still time to honour this amazing man.

If you agree, please email:

Quoting Customer Service ID#227728#


Join our twitter campaign to get the decision changed by sending this tweet:

RT @KateSullivan01: Torch snub for #GeorgeWeedon puts #Locog to shame: #2012Torchrelay #Olympics #London

Many, many thanks - Kate

We made The Cut!

Very proud to be selected for Rushes Film Festival!
We even get a mention on their home page!

Go George!

Click here for some pictures (even more coming soon).

An Olympic-sized thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! x x x x x


A couple of years ago I met George Weedon.

He was 89 at the time and still had all the poise and grace of an Olympic gymnast.
I plucked up the courage to ask him to help me with a problem I've had since I was a kid - my terrible posture.

He agreed and gave me a few lessons. The lessons turned into storytelling sessions - where he'd talk about his life.

The stories were incredible. I wanted to share them with the world and so with his help I made my first film, Walk Tall.

In the film George talks about posture and we see how goes hand in hand with his positive attitude towards life.

Happily the film went on to do rather well.
We were even BAFTA long listed at one point, (quite an achievement considering that there's no short doc category!)
My confidence and hence posture has improved.

I wanted to give something back to George. Something equally as priceless...

My friend Alan was kind enough to nominate us as 2012 torch bearers.

Here we are on the Lloyds website (above).

Sadly we're no longer on that site and for an unknown reason not passing the torch.

I'm really not that fussed about carrying it myself thanks - but I do want George to.

And more importantly so does he.

I appealed to Lloyds and LOCOG, but just couldn't get George re-nominated.
Unlike pretty much everyone else, they didn't appear moved by George's story.
(I think if they had time to have a proper listen, they probably would.)

The East End Film Festival were kind enough to provide me with an alternative gift.

On 7th July we passed a torch (of sorts) amongst an audience which will include several '48ers.

Our torch was a microphone - and we shared stories.

Photo by Anton Califano

It was particularly interesting to hear what the athletes from the 1948 games thought of the 2012 games.

They felt very distanced from the commercial aspect of 2012 - and also the competitive aspect too. For them athletics was a social event - and it really was (as the 1948 slogan decrees) more about the taking part for them.

Anyway - I don't really want to speak on others behalf - so I'll just tell you about how well the rest of the day went.

We took over the upstairs of Stratford Picture House - converting it into 3 zones...

Katherine Green's 1948 Olympians exhibition

More about these beautiful photos here

A 1948 Olympic Village fete.

Sticking with our enforced (but poetic) austerity theme our "corporate hospitality" was simply cups of tea and home made cakes

Actors dressed in vintage clothing served guests from a trestle table on an astro-turf island whilst The vintage Showroom handed round some beautiful original 1948 Olympic memorabilia - including an unused pristine ticket!

Last but by no means least was George's gym

- which consisted of a couple of blue gym mats, some baked bean cans, a temporary bus stop sign (thank you TFL) and a megaphone & bell (needed when trying to interrupt George)


Photo by Anton Califano

The loveliest thing happened - Peter Done (left) was one of the audience members who volunteered to take part in one of George's demonstrations.

The pair hadn't met for around 50 years - Peter was an ex-pupil of George's!

More photos from the day here

George meets THE QUEEN!

Footage here!!!

Me: What did you say to her?

George: I told her she had bad posture.

Me: What?

George: Well she has.

(Ages later George admits that he didn't actually say any of this to HRH)


 Walk Tall's in double bill with Ping Pong!

Thank you East End Film Festival for showing Walk Tall TWICE!

Walk Tall was very proud to be in a double bill with the hit feature-length documentary,
Ping Pong !

Melbourne International Film Festival

Really proud of this one.
We weren't eligible for entry into the competition (as the film was online) - but the festival very kindly still screened the film.

Apparently it went down very well. I received lots of lovely letters via the Facebook page. Cheers Melbourne!

British Shorts, Berlin

Walk Tall is immensely proud to be back in Berlin at an event celebrating the best of FIVE YEARS of the annual Lichtspeilklub Shorts Festival !

The films will be screened at Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia (an outdoor cinema) in Berlin on 3rd August 2012.

Thank you Lichtspeilklub!!

ps. Here's Lichtspeilklub on Facebook

Eyes Wide Shut

Well that was fun!
Last night Walk Tall was screened at Showreel - a brand new short film night at The BBC!

Loads of great films, lovely food, nice selection of beers,(inc. the all time classic Fursty Ferret) and a really nice relaxed friendly vibe.

It's only £2.00 to get in - and all profits go to Ace Of Clubs - a centre for homeless and vulnerable people in Clapham.

Next one is on the 25th July - Go go go!!

PS. There was actually a full house in the end - but by the time it'd filled up I'd stopped photographing and started drinking.

More info about Showreel

Southern Exposure PG

Walk Tall would never have got made if it wasn't for Film London's Borough Fund...

A year on I'm very chuffed to announce that Walk Tall to be screened at an event curated by Southern Exposure PG - the junior branch of Southern Exposure!

We are all very proud to be supporting such a positive venture - and that venture is...
The Olympic Film Marathon!


Walk Tall's arrived In Hollywood!

I've always thought that there couldn't possibly be anything quite as stressful as playing out a final render to tape - but now I know that there is - and that thing it's making sure that said tape gets through customs.

Anyway - it has - and its valueless non-pornographic content for cultural purposes only has made it in time for The Feel Good Film Festival!!



The official laurel's arrived!
Trophy's in the post...
A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who made this possible!

So proud! More details about The United Festivals here


The universe is constantly expanding. A bit like my head.

The BFI, BBC and Arts Council England have selected Walk Tall to be part of their summer-long best of Lottery funded shorts programme featured as part of The Space.

Bit of a gamble this, as many festivals don't like film's to have been screened online...

If you are a festival thinking of disqualifying me - please do get in touch as the BFI assure me that they'll remove it at a second's notice!!

Also - all the films are only on the site until August.

London United

One is dead chuffed that Walk Tall's part of The United Festival's Jubilee celebrations!

It's in a double bill with Holly Rollers! You can watch a trailer here.

I'm so proud that Jason Connell (festival creator and director) has chosen to show my film alongside his.

Hurry! Some tix still left (you get to meet Jason and watch me attempt a Q&A)

The Loch Ness Film Festival

I spent three wonderful days at the Loch Ness Film Festival.

Claire Manwani made the official mugs and T-shirts, which you can still buy here.

We saw the beastie...

And the screening went really well.
A massive thank you to everyone who said such lovely things about the film.

I'm posting the comment above because it made me just so proud to learn that someone felt this way about something I'd made.

Official Selection  - LA United Film Festival!

LA premiere!

More details asap, but for now here's a link to the United Festival.

AND I can't believe that I'm going to grace the silver-screen in a double bill with these chicks:

Glow: The Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling.

And it's all happening here -  Los Feliz 3! This is my first short film - I'm so proud that it's LA premiere is at this beautiful cinema!

Official Selection  - New York United Film Festival!

I'm going to have to add all these laurels to the film's poster at some point.

I'm VERY proud to announce that we're in a double bill with the feature length documentary,
More Than Me.

Official Selection  - Palm Springs International ShortFest Market!

Turns out we're only allowed into the Film Market this time...
Rules state that
films have to be a Palm Springs premiere and we're in the American Documentary Festival.

Oh well  - it's a bloomin' good market!

Official Selection  - Athens International Film Festival!

More details

For now, here's a link to this Academy accredited festival!

Feast On Film

Sorry - was so much fun I forgot to take snaps. Here's one I found online.

Walk Tall was shown at James Rumsey's monthly Feast On Film Event!
It was such a great evening - watched loads of great shorts and met loads of lovely people. I'll definitely be going again. Details here.

Official Selection  - Clare Valley Film Festival!

General info about the festival here!

Walk Tall's in a double bill with Third Star! More info about screening here!

Official Selection  - The American Documentary Festival!

Link to program (please see page 19) here

The Lower East Side Film Festival New York - US Premiere!

Tickets and more info here


Lorraine Bowen's Comfort Zone

Walk Tall was screened at the Nightingale Theatre as part of this Arts Council funded show, written by and starring Lorraine Bowen.

It also featured Award winning writer Mick Jackson and Jazz virtuoso Charlotte Glasson.

It was all a bit of massive hit!

Here's an article in Brighton's local newspaper - The Argus

The film was screened in the theatre-owner's flat upstairs - projected on a wall in his cosy living room!

More info and pics coming soon


Sheen Mount School Fundraiser

George helped double the highest amount ever raised at his old school!

For more info please download press release

You can also read a lovely article about the day

More pictures on Facebook

Including this lovely one of George leaving for Australia the next day.
This is all he took with him! (And no - the bag's not full of cash!)


 And this lovely letter!:

Austin Vince!:

Great work on the film. I was at a school in Harrow from 1969-78 and George was my PE teacher. The entire school did almost zero sport, instead, just doing gymnastics ALL THE TIME!!!!

Naturally, as children, we had no idea that this wasn't happening in schools across the nation. We had a school gymnastics team that destroyed everyone else at the NATIONAL championships.

Best wishes

Austin Vince

5th British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin (International Premiere)

111 films in the festival and ours used to advertise the event in Die Tageszeitung - Berlin's daily newspaper!

Walk Tall was a hit at the 5th British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin...

We made the top 9 nominated films AND got the most votes of all the docs in the people's choice awards!

More pictures of the event

This made me feel very proud!:
Dear Kate,

Thanks again for you film!!! The reaction was great, the audience really
loved it! (for the rest of the day everybody advised everyone to sit
straight and keep a good posture.

"WALK TALL" haven't won an award but maybe this is a success too:
9 films from 111 were nominated for the lichtspielklub short film award
(the drama BABY has won).

WALK TALL was one of the nominated films and was the documentary with the most votes for the people's choice award (the animation A MORNING STROLL has won).

Thanks again and all the best from Berlin!




Beaconsfield Film Society, NFTS

Walk Tall was shown in a double bill with Chariots of Fire! It was a really lovely evening! Many thanks to everyone at The Beaconsfield Film Society.

Turned out that one of their members used to be taught gym class by George at John Lyon's school.
He told me a very funny story about George whacking pupils with a slipper if they didn't run fast enough. Heh - sounds about right!

International Premiere, Berlin


Walk Tall had it's international premiere in Berlin this weekend at Lichtspielklub's Film Festival.

 Concrete gym mats

Can't take the credit for this very funny photo - it's by my dad!

Well - We didn't make the BAFTA shortlist!

The film was very much liked by the panel but unfortunately the jury had to rule that it's just not a fiction film and so cannot go any further in the process.

(There's no short documentary category but there is a drama-doc loophole in the fiction one.

As it was a highly stylised treatment of a story I hoped it it might just make it through)

Anyway Bafta were very nice about it all and even mentioned that they may think about reviewing the categories for next year 
- so George may be end up being responsible for introducing shorts & mens' splits to the Olympics and a short documentary category to the BAFTAS!

Speaking of, he's not too disappointed personally. He laughed and said he didn't mind me telling the powers that be that the film is fictional - because he made it all up!


Best headline EVER / Must've been a very slow week day in Alveston / can't believe they printed my silly joke about trying to enter it into a different category!

And because I'm told that this website is supposed to be all about me showing off and not just me having a good old laugh at myself - here's some links to some very nice national press about the film - including a review in the Telegraph!

Walk Tall Makes BAFTA Longlist!

With hope in our hearts and wings on our heels - We've made the BAFTA longlist for best short!

Big huge Olympic-sized thank yous to everyone who helped make this possible.

In January we find out made the final five...



Kate Sullivan & George Weedon
have been nominated to carry the Olympic Flame!

Download Press Release

Arguably the oldest "star" at this year's London Film Festival is 91-year-old George Weedon, an amiable chap who represented Great Britain as a gymnast at the "austerity Olympics" in 1948.

He's the subject of the 10-minute part-animated documentary Walk Tall, a delightful, instructive film by first-time east London director Kate Sullivan. In it, Weedon extols the virtues of good posture and correct breathing, and shows how everyday domestic objects can be used to improve fitness. (He's less convinced about gyms.)

Weedon will be striding along the red carpet on Monday, when the film is screened. There's talk he may also release a fitness video. The highest praise for Walk Tall? It makes the round-shouldered among us (I plead guilty) throw our shoulders back and sit up straight.

Read all about it here


Read all about it here



Read all about it here

Really proud of this one. Please click

 Read all about it here


Read all about it


Wow. Thank you for being so bloody nice about my film.



(I wasn't actually up for a BAFTA, but was up for the Best of Borough's held at BAFTA.
The young and talented bit is spot on).