"What a lovely piece of art  - fantastic!"
The British Gymnastics Association

'Walk Tall re-invents the public information film and improved my daily posture, through perfect unison of character and form.
As George would say, 'Well, there we are'. Quite wonderful.'
Danny Boyle

"A strong and original story with an engaging and charismatic central character,
told with good humour and affection towards its subject.

The filmmaking style evolves gradually throughout with creative endeavour,
climaxing in a highly memorable and innovative tracking shot,
which very much lifted the piece into a cinematic realm."

Film London's 2011 Best of Borough Awards
BAFTA-winning producer Stephen Woolley, Film critic Fionnuala Halligan,
Chris Collins (BFI Film Fund), Producer & LFS graduate Olivier Kaempfer


No sponsorship, one kidney, tuberculosis, a broken back...
All set for the London Olympics...1948

Walk Tall is a short animated/live action
portrait of Olympic gymnast George Weedon.


Above: 85 year old George, (not stuck) up a tree.

The film focuses on his views about physical posture but also paints a portrait of an amazing man and his positive attitude towards life.